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WELCOME to my farm. My name is Vicki McGaugh, and I have bred and raised Nubian dairy goats, from a commercial dairy to my now smaller show herd, with milk and soap sales, since 1986. I started the herd as a young stay-at-home mom. Although the focus was as a small 4H farm, with the demand for milk and exports of dairy stock, and our love of showing, the farm grew quite large. As my daughters graduated from high school, went to college, and had children of their own, I stopped milking commercially and now keep about twelve milkers, sell milk locally, show a little, appraise, and soap. Click the soap button to see Nubian Soaps goat milk soap. I am located north of Houston, Texas, in the beautiful Sam Houston National Forest.

With breeding goats comes change, and who would have thought the change would be in a customer asking me if I made goat milk soap, more than a decade ago. That batch of soap has now blossomed into a thriving business, a new retail store, and wholesale orders into stores both in the USA but internationally also. With the soap company NubianSoaps.com doing so well I have made the decision that this is the last year I will raise goats. The milkers have all been sold, after they kid, and I have several deposits on all doe's kids. After the last buck and doe leaves, I will be selling all my tack, milk stands, milking machines, down to show and hay buckets. I will also be selling LonesomeDoeNubians.com and permission to use my herdname via ADGA.org, my logo and the name for a facebook account. I also recently sold my forum dairygoatinfo.com to a group that wants to keep all the information intact and continue with the high quality information the forum has always given you, my customers. You will still see me on the forum, on facebook and for my customers always by email and phone call.

The does start freshening middle of March until the end of April. This late if you are wanting a Lonesome Doe doeling or buckling please email or call me to be put on the list. I will call you when there are extra doelings or bucklings born, I am not going to take any more deposits as of March 20th.

Herd health is of the utmost importance. I started feeding 17% alfalfa pellets when I became unhappy with the keeping quality of the local alfalfa hay. The milkers are fed grains, whole oats, barley, corn and a supplement pellet for more protein on the milk stand. I have worked hard on the mineral program for the milkers, which includes Bluebonnet's Tech Master Complete, containing kelp and yeast. Selenium injections are given twice a year to the adults and to infants at birth, and I copper bolus our herd twice a year.

Continuing for 2013 and with CAE negative herd tests dating from 1998, I will be using raw colostrum and raw milk from my own CAE prevention raised milkers. I will pull at birth and raise on heat treated colostrum and pasteurized milk only kids with deposits from those asking for this special attention. I will still be raising kids on bottles and lambars. I take special care of worming and cocci treatments due to living in the south, using prevention on kids and fecal sampling adults. Since the onset of testing for CAE and culling back in the early 90's, I have not had any chronic or contagious health problems or diseases. The whole herd also tested negative for sub-clinical staph mastitis the last seven years.

With many years of negative tests from (WSU) I use these labs mostly for sales now, when a customer asks for testing through them. I now use biotracking.com so I can blood test for CAE and for pregnancy at the same time each fall.

I am sold out of milkers as they freshen. Because I have not shown or appraised in a few years all doelings and bucklings born will be $450. Another service we offer is our $100 soaking wet buckling sale, where locals or those willing to drive out, can pick up purebred bucklings out of our first fresheners for $100. They are sold with their applications of registry. Call and get put on the list, I do not take deposits on these bucklings. They must be picked up by the weekend after they are born. We do not ship these bucklings.

I am very excited to be using my herd sire, Lynnhaven KB The Watchtower (Hendrix) once again Lynn Flemming of Lynnhaven Nubians came through for me with a simply wonderful buck out of her beautiful CH Lynnhaven FS Portia. He is for sale for $800 to the right home. I also purchased back Lonesome Doe Three Pt One Four (Pi) out of our lovely SGCH Saada Sweet Shoofly Pie 91EEEE, he will be used on 3 of the girls, sadly I had to put him down right after we finished using him do to the awful neglect from his previous owner. I also kept a buckling out of the herd from 2012, out of the beautiful Lonesome Doe Minuette and Lynnhaven Great Expectations, Lonesome Doe Brette is GE's last son. Brette is also for sale for $500.

Phone calls, e-mails or snail mail are always welcomed from those wanting more information, extended pedigrees, breakdowns of appraisal scores, or to just talk goats. Most photos will be of normally milked out does, and only show pictures will have more than 12 hours of milk.

A deposit of $100 will hold the goat of your choice. When the deposit is received my contract will go out into the mail to you with my health guarantee for you to sign and return. The deposit is non refundable if you simply change your mind. It is cheerfully refunded if I can not fill your order. With no kids being retained I am also making a list of those who want extra kids, usually a triplet or quad buckling or doeling born to a doe with deposits already here. Shipping is easy via Houston Intercontinental Airport; flights are running in the $260 range, $35 for health certificates and $40 for kennels (I can purchase you one here or you can ship me one, your choice).

Thanks to all my customers, friends and fellow breeders, some of you are in all three of these groups. With best regards, Vicki

Vicki McGaugh
550 Dogwood Road
Cleveland, TX 77328
Phone: 281-592-3039


03/20/2012 CAE Test results for the milking string.



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